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| my birthday’s not for a while but.. |

will you make me a cake like this? pretty please?

rainbow birthday cake

rainbow birthday cake

5 comments to | my birthday’s not for a while but.. |

  • Lin

    I want one also. I am not sure why it appeals so much to me but I think I actually need this cake!

  • kaylen

    you know what’s ironic? it probably tastes like crap. see, cause it’s pretty & looks are always deceiving when you hope they’re genuine.

  • don’t hold your breath for me to bake that for you.

    and am i odd for not liking that cake because it looks too… happy?!

  • kaylen

    haha, weird reasoning alece.. maybe you think it won’t taste good cause it looks too happy? because honestly, that was my first thought.

  • well that too. but really it’s just that it’s too cheery.

    ever see “french kiss”? one of my favorite lines is “happy people make my ass twitch.”

    that’s what i thought when i saw the cake.

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